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Complimentary Services!

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Chandler Reports has been providing premium real estate data in Memphis and Shelby County for over 40 years.

It is our goal to keep businesses and homeowners informed of local market trends and provide information about key happenings in real estate.

Available on our website, are a series of complimentary Residential Market Trend reports. Updated monthly and quarterly, these reports show the number of home sales, by zip code, with key information pertaining to average home sales price and average home size.

In addition to these reports, we also provide highlights of the commercial market, foreclosure trends and new housing analysis in our blog located at Each week, we highlight a topic that we feel is important to the local real estate community.

Chandler Reports is owned by The Daily News which provides access to over 13 million public records and publishes weekly features on Memphis and Shelby County real estate. Be sure to visit and sign up to receive their free daily Email Edition. The Email Edition provides you the latest business, legal, and real estate news the afternoon before the printed paper is released.

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April New Housing Analysis

May 20th, 2010 Comments off

There were 92 total new home sales in April, with an average sale value of $212,354.

Cordova North (38016) had the most new home sales with 24 total averaging $124,420.

Builders filed 105 new home permits in April, the highest mark since 152 in August 2008. The April total was 156 percent better than 41 permits in April 2009 and 13 percent better than 93 in March.

The Top Builders by New Home Permits were Regency Homes (19), Charles Morgan (12) and Kevin Hyneman (11). Each of these builders also claimed the most new home sales, with 7 each.

Franklin Farms (38016) and Sutton Place East (38016) were the top subdivisions for new home permits with 10 each.

The Top Zip Codes for new home permits were Cordova North (38016) with 35, Arlington (38002) with 22 and Cordova South (38018) with 15.

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Click here to read the latest artilce from The Daily News on the state of the new housing market.

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April 2010 Residential Foreclosure Analysis

May 14th, 2010 Comments off

There were 468 residential foreclosure in April across Shelby County, up 38% from April 2009.

The average foreclosure amount and average appraisal amount were both up as well to $36,712 and $128,656 respectively.

1,116 foreclosure notices were issued, down 1.9% from April 2009.

The Top Foreclosure Inventory Holders were Fannie Mae with 504 properties in inventory at the end of April, HUD with 345 properties and Deutsche Bank with 244 properties. These inventory holders were also the Top Residential Sellers for the month with a combined total of 199 properties sold valued at almost $10 million.

The leading zip codes for foreclosure inventory were Frayser (38127), Westwood (38109) and Raleigh (38128).

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April Residential Sales Update!

May 7th, 2010 Comments off

1,246 sales were recorded in April, down 3% from April 2009.

Average sales prices were up 9% from the prior year to $121,229!
Year-to-date sales are virtually unchanged compared to 2009 with 4,340 already cloased in 2010 to 4,354 closed during the same time last year.
66% of April’s sales were Non-Bank sales, up 13% from April 2009!
April new home sales were unchanged from the prior year but the average new home sales price dropped 9% to $212,354. New home sales were up 2% from March.
Cordova North (38016) had the most home sales for the month with 97 total, up 17% from April 2009.
Collierville (38017) produced the most revenue with $15.1 million and an average sales price of $296,373.
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