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First Quarter 2009 Sales by ZIP Report Released!

April 16th, 2009

Chandler Reports has released the Memphis and Shelby County First Quarter 2009 Sales by ZIP code report. This report shows the number of sales, average size, average sales price and average price per square foot for each ZIP code in Shelby County. The data compares First Quarter 2009 to First Quarter 2008.

Real Estate Agents can use this report to identify key selling areas and better understand the local real estate market. Residential Appraisers may use the data in this report when conducting market conditions analysis for completing Form 1004MC.

First Quarter 2009 Recap

  • Foreclosures are down 15.8% from First Quarter 2008
  • Home sales are down 25.1% from last year
  • The average sales price is $115,223, down 10.7% from 1Q09

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