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Customized Lists for New Tax Credit

November 24th, 2009

How are you marketing your services to the new tax credit candidates that have lived in their homes 5+ consecutive years?

Allow Chandler Reports to help you market your services to these homeowners. Our lists provide you the owner name, property address, mortgage information, sales date, and physical property description. You can target specific subdivisions, ZIP codes, or all of Shelby County.

Customized lists meet your specific criteria whether they be based on sales price or square footage, we can help you target only those homeowners that you wish to market your services to. Reach out to new clients today!

Contact wendy@chandlerreports.com for more details and pricing.

Click here for the latest article from The Daily News on the tax credit and the local housing market.

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Chandler Reports wishes everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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