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March-Preliminary Sales Numbers Are In!

April 1st, 2010

It appears that March residential sales will help the first quarter end on a very positive note!

As of March 29th there were 1,077 sales with 2 days left to close! In March 2009 there were 1,178 sales and we’re expecting to exceed that number!

Chandler Reports estimatesĀ that March will close with roughly 1,300 sales which will be the highest recorded month for the quarter. January sales were meek with 885 and February sales beat out the same month in 2009 with 959. It appears that as we progress over the months the volume of sales is continuing to increase. It has yet to be seen if average home sales prices are on the rise as well.

Be sure to checkĀ here next week when we update our monthly and quarterly Market Trend Reports!

And don’t forget that we will recap 1Q10 residential and commercial sales, foreclosures and mortgages at our next “Master Your Market” event on Thursday, April 29th from 11:30AM-12:30PM at Germantown’s Great Hall! Attendees will receive a boxed lunch, a copy of our presentation and the latest copies of our market trend reports. Email wendy@chandlerreports.com to register or for more infomation.

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