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Chandler Reports Shows Foreclosures Down in 1Q09

May 7th, 2009

At the close of 1st Quarter 2009, Chandler Reports shows 1,456 foreclosures in Shelby County, down 15.8% from 1Q08. The total value of foreclosures for the first three months of this year is $115 million, down 20.6% from $145 million in the 1st Quarter of 2008.

The Zip Codes with the largest number of foreclosures include: 38127 (142), 38128 (130) and 38118 (94).

Use Chandler Reports’ new Foreclosure Effect Report to view the potential effect that foreclosures can have on the value of a property. Retrieve this report from the “Property Profile” or through the new link under the “Shelby County-Residential” menu.

For in depth coverage of foreclosures in Shelby County, read the most recent article from The Daily News: http://www.memphisdailynews.com/editorial/Article.aspx?id=41918

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