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May 2010 New Housing Analysis

June 24th, 2010

 83 new home sales were recorded in May, down 10% from May 2009.

The average new home sales price was $214,068 and the average square footage was 2,829.

Cordova North (38016) experienced the most new home sales with 24 total and an average sale value of $130,393.

Regency Homes claimed the most new home sales, 10 total for the month averaging $161,453.

Charles Morgan pulled the most new home permits in May, 9 total averaging $187,342.

Arlington (38002) was issued the most new home permits for the month, 16 total averaging $222,612.

The Lake Las Cruses subdivision in Raleigh (38128) had the most new home permits pulled in May, with 8 total and an average permit value of $86,705.

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