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2010 Foreclosure Analysis

February 3rd, 2011

Foreclosures were down 11% from the prior year with 4,984 total in 2010 and an average foreclosure amount of $83,772. The foreclosure moratorium in the fall reduced foreclosures to historic lows throughout the last quarter of the year. Foreclosure notices were down 21% from 2009 with 10,575 filed for the year.


Most zip codes in Shelby County had a decrease in foreclosure notices with the exception of 38117 (up 4%), 38138 (up 7%) and 38139 (up 21%). Germantown East (38139) had the highest increase in foreclosures, up 115% from 2009 with 43 recorded for the year and an average foreclosure amount of $255,471, providing further evidence that the foreclosure epidemic continues to move east across the county and is hitting higher-end residential markets.


The average appraisal value of foreclosures has continued to rise since 2003 to it’s peak last year of $125,239.


Frayser remains the leading foreclosure inventory holder with 291 properties at the end of 2010 valued at $20 million.


Southeast Shelby County (38125) leads the county in total foreclosure inventory value at $60 million with 180 properties in inventory.


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