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September New Housing Report

October 27th, 2011

Only 67 new home sales were recorded for September, down 23% from last year. On a positive note, average new home sales prices were up 3% to $222,110.

Winstead Farms, Gardens of Grays Creek, Central Gardens Square and Fountain Brook all had the most new home sales with 4 per subdivision.

Arlington (38002) had the most home sales with 16 total averaging 3,900 sqft and $268,507 followed closely by Cordova-North (38016) with a total of 14 sales averaging $137,818.

Regency Home Builders had the most new home sales, 9 total averaging $175,053. They also filed the most new home permits for the month with 13 total averaging $233,451.

Gerland Creek in Southeast Shelby County (38125) and Trinity Park in 38118 had the most new home permits filed with 6 each. The homes in Trinity Park are Habitat for Humanity homes, http://www.memphishabitat.com/TrinityPark.shtml

Arlington had the most new home permits filed for the month with 57 total averaging 3,466 sqft and $263,494.

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