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Master Your Market: 2011 Year in Review

January 12th, 2012

Please join us Thursday, January 26th from 3:00PM-4:30PM at The Germantown Great Hall & Conference Center for our “Master Your Market”: 2011 Year-in-Review!

From an in-depth analysis of our popular market trend reports, we’ll review residential and commercial sales, foreclosures, new housing, lending activity and more! We will show you how 2011 compared to prior years and where the year sits on a historical timelines for overall home sales, residential bank and non-bank sales, commercial sales, foreclosures and foreclosure notices.

Lisa Reid, Executive Vice President with Magna Bank will provide an overview of the current state of residential lending along with her persepectives for 2012. We will then open discussion with our guest panel of real estate professionals to hear what they have to say about 2011 and their forecast for this year!

The charge for this event is $10 for Chandler Subscribers and $15 for Non-Subscribers.

Attendees will receive copies of our most popular market trend reports and will be emailed our full presentation!

Click here to register today!

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