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Memphis & Shelby County August Home Sales Update

September 9th, 2013 Comments off

Home Sales

1,710 home sales were recorded in August, up 15% from 1,483 in August 2012.

Average home sales prices were up 12% to $139,223 from $124,726 last year.

Year-to-date home sales and average sales prices are both up 11% from the same time last year.

Bank sales accounted for 16% of total home sales for the month and were down 31% from last August with 275 recorded. Year-to-date bank sales are down 20% from the same period last year.

24 out of 33 zip codes in the county had an increase in overall sales activity in August and 27 zip codes had an increase in average sales prices.

51% of all home sales for the month were valued under $100,000.

Home sales over $1 million were up 300% from last year with 3 recorded compared to 0 recorded in August 2012.

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Chandler Reports Opens Online Store

May 20th, 2013 Comments off

We receive a lot of requests for reports on new housing, foreclosures, lending and residential and commercial sales activity which is why we have launched a new online store that provides you immediate access to pertinent real estate data for Memphis and Shelby County.

Chandler Reports Online Store is your resource for historical and current market trends and the most comprehensive housing reports available including:

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April Real Estate Update

May 13th, 2013 Comments off

Home Sales

April was a great month for local real estate! Home sales were up 20% from last year with 1,337 sales recorded compared to 1,113 recorded in April 2012.

Average home sales prices were up 7% to $128,797 from $120,376 last year.

Bank sales accounted for 25% of total home sales and were down 1% from last April with 333 recorded.

Year-to-date home sales and average sales prices are both up 10% from the same time last year.

25 out of 33 zip codes in the county had an increase in overall sales activity and 25 of 33 zip codes had an increase in average sales prices.

54% of all home sales in April were valued under $100,000 with 728 total, up 14% from 636 in April 2012.

Home sales over $500,000 were up 71% with 24 filed for the month compared to 14 last year.

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Commercial Sales

Commercial sales were up 6% at the end of the first quarter with 196 recorded compared to 185 during the first quarter of 2012.

Average sales prices were up 28% to $1.3 million compared to $1.0 million last year.

Automotive, Entertainment, Industrial, Office and Retail properties all had increases in sales activity. Multi-Family, Churches and Schools and Land/Agricultural sales were all down from the prior year.

The average prices for Industrial and Office properties were up 145% and 143% respectively.

Vacant Land Over 1 Acre (33), Warehouses (29) and Office Buildings (18) had the most sales by property type.

The largest commercial transaction recorded in the first quarter was the sale of the Villas at Grays Creek and the sale of the Carrington at Houston Levee in Cordova. The apartment complexes sold for a combined $44.8. Click here to read the details of the transaction.

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Residential Foreclosure Analysis

Residential foreclosures were down 4% in April with 371 recorded compared to 387 last year.

The average amount of a foreclosed home was $86,153 and the average tax appraisal value was $115,660, both down 2-3% from April 2012.

Foreclosure activity was down in virtually every municipality. Memphis had a slight increase of 3% and claimed the most foreclosures with 292 total.

Foreclosure notices were down 13% for the month with 601 recorded compared to 692 last April.

Westwood (38109) had the most foreclosure inventory at the end of the month with 238 homes valued at $14.6 million. Frayser (38127) was a close second with 229 homes in foreclosure inventory totaling $12.3 million.

Fannie Mae owned the most homes in foreclosure inventory with 410 valued at $51.9 million.

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New Housing & Builder Activity

New home sales were up 5% in April with 69 sales recorded compared to 66 last year.

The average sales price of a new home was up 11% to $280,585.

Year-to-date new home sales are up 15% and average new home sales prices are up 10%.

Collierville (18), Arlington (10) and Southeast Shelby County (9) recorded the most new home sales for the month.

123 new home permits were filed in the first quarter of the year down 39% from Q1 2012. Arlington had the most new home permits filed for Q1 with 50 total averaging $246,667.

Regency Homebuilders was the top builder for the first quarter with 54 new home starts and 43 new home sales averaging $219,510.

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Mortgage Trends & Lending Analysis

667 residential loans were filed at the time of sale, up 10% from last April.

The average mortgage amount was up 10%from last year to $159,275 with an average sales price of $183,354 making the average loan to value ratio 87%.

Collierville had the most loans at time of sale with 68 total averaging $272,973.

386 loans filed were conventional fixed rate, 176 were FHA fixed rate, 31 were VA fixed rate and 12 were short term loans, loans due within one year.

The top lenders based on the total number of residential loans filed at time of sale were Community Mortgage with 60 loans followed by Magna Bank with 47 loans and Wells Fargo with 37 loans.

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June Home Sales Report

July 16th, 2012 Comments off

Home sales were up 6% in June with 1,327 homes sold compared to 1,247 last year.

The month closed with $188 million in revenue up 17% from $161 million in June 2011.

Average home sales prices were up 10% to $142,341.

2nd Quarter figures are showing major improvements from last year with sales up 11% and average sales prices up 9%.

Year-to-date home sales are up 15% from the same period last year and average sales prices are up 2% to $120,262.

Over 50% of zip codes in the county are seeing year over year increases in average sales prices including:

  • 38017-Collierville up 4%
  • 38103-Downtown up 20%
  • 38104-Midtown, up 4%
  • 38111-University up 23%
  • 38118-Oakhaven/Pkwy Village up 8%
  • 38119-Quince/Ridgeway up 14%
  • 38120-River Oaks up 25%
  • 38133-Bartlett/Brunswick up 7%

Bank sales accounted for 27% of total home sales in June with 352 recorded, up 12% from last year. Year-to-date bank sales are up 13%.

53% of home sales were valued under $100,000. 

Sales over $1,000,000 were up significantly with 11 recorded for the month compared to 1 last June.   

Collierville (38017) had the most home sales for the month and the most revenue with 102 sales totaling $29.4 million.

New home sales were down 25% from last June with 63 recorded compared to 84 last year. New home sales prices were up 12% to $255,464.

Year-to-date new home sales are down 3% from the same period in 2011 and average new home sales prices are up 9%. 

Foreclosures were down 9% from last June with 303 recorded. The average amount of a foreclosure was unchanged at $81,000 and the average tax appraisal value of a foreclosed home was up 11% to $119,000.

Foreclosure starts were down 23% from last year with 638 notices filed compared to 825 in June 2011.

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May Lender Analysis Report

June 14th, 2012 Comments off
There were 786 residential loans filed at time of sale, up 31% from last May, totaling $117 million.
The average loan amount at time of sale was $148,849, up 3% from $144,088 in May 2011.


407 loans were conventional fixed rate with an average mortgage amount of $168,138.
225 loans were FHA fixed rate with an average mortgage amount of $141,102.

The average sale amount on a residential loan was $169,983 making the average loan to value ratio 88%, virtually unchanged from last year.

The majority of loans (26%) were between $50,000-$99,999.

There were two residential loans filed at time of sale that were over $1 million.

The Top Lenders by total number of residential loans at time of sale were: Community Mortgage (96 loans), Magna Bank (55 loans) and Guild Mortgage Co. (43 loans). 

The Top Lenders by total number of all residential loans, including refinances, were: Wells Fargo (166 loans), Regions Bank (111 loans) and Magna Bank (104 loans).

Commercial loans at time of sale were also up, by 38%, with 29 filed averaging $991,103 and totaling $28.7 million. 

The Top Lenders by total number of loans for commercial loans at time of sale were: Renasant Bank (4 loans), Landmark Community Bank (3 loans) and Triumph Bank (3 loans).

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